About us

Welcome to KPHB physiotherapy clincic

KPHB physiotherapy clinic has started in 2006 with a simple vision, to provide a best physiotherapy treatment at right place with affordable price. Dr. C. Naga raju, well known physiotherapist has established a clinic and providing a quality treatment by using latest equipments. Our aim is to provide most up to date physiotherapy mode and customized exercise program for each individual to enable them from pain and enjoy with healthy life.

KPHB physiotherapy clinic is best in giving treatments like Sciatica, Arthritis, Cerebral palsy, Paralysis, back pain, stroke, tennis elbow, muscle strains, painful neck, ligament sprains, trapped nerve, sports injury, twisted knee, joint stiffness, sprained ankle, frozen shoulder and sore wrist.

Why KPHB physiotherapy clinic?

Our clinic lies in a very hygienic environment where patients can gain a good counselling about their health. We are having an excellent professional record and offer a customized therapy programmed for every patient. KPHB physiotherapy is the family physiocare clinic with state of art equipment for forward treatment. We do have an extensive experience in assessment and treatment of joint pains, sports injuries, paralysis and head injuries.